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Go figure.

So the mailbox which was so carefully cleared out via snowblower by my dad got ripped out of the ground by the snowplow as it roared by this morning. Ugh. Gotta wait for the permafrost to clear before we can dig in a new post. Feh. Gonna be trailer park duct-tape and rebar holding it up til then.

On the plus (?) side, E popped her first teeth through, we noticed at 1am on the 28th. She gnawed on a pickle today until it looked like a limp fish.

Addendum: Went to make Paula Deen’s cinnamon rolls with the Kitchenaid stand mixer and the speed regulator was FUBAR so I wound up spraying flour all over the kitchen. And now the rolls are not rising properly. Luckily, I married Scott Nye the Science Guy so he fixed the speed control – sorta.


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One of those days…

It’s been the sort of day that starts out wrong and snowballs. I’ll finish this post when I can set E down without having her go off like a bansidhe.

Okay, so I awoke to the lovely sounds of both kids screaming, K had a diaper full of something dark and malodorous, E was just cranky. I went into the living room to try to find something to jiggle at E and calm her down, opened the curtains, and saw the mail truck futilely going back and forth in front of our mailbox in an attempt to get the truck unstuck from the crazy ice embankment that the snowplow shoved against the mailbox. I left the kids separated by a kid gate and ran outside to help. Mailman Paul and I each got shovels and worked to free the wheels. Then I steered and applied the gas and brake while he and the shopper’s herald delivery guy (who just happened to be passing) pushed. The truck finally came free but I felt really bad that he got stuck in the first place. My dad came over to use his snowblower to make sure it doesn’t happen again (until the next blizzard).  I took a couple of phone calls from irate family members. My haircut (first one in months) got canceled because my hairstylist was sick. When the do-or-die time to leave for water aerobics (which I haven’t been to since December) came around, I was too exhausted to corral the kids and get them in the car to drop off at my parents’ house, so I just moped around and felt sorry for myself while the kids yelled and I tried to comfort them. On the plus side, (except for my diet), I got a sundae at Dairy Queen.

I guess, on the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t sound like much at all but yesterday it felt like I was Sisyphus and just couldn’t get anything to go right. I wandered onto a couple of cool knitting blogs, which I linked to, and I am feeling inspired to blog about my knitting as well. Got two pairs of socks done in a month, the first pair was the first ever that I attempted, and they turned out pretty nicely. My haircut got rescheduled for today, I am looking forward to doing something drastic, at least with the back of my head. Not like I can see it and get bothered by it if it doesn’t work out so well. Plus, (and this is the bit I never “got” in high school) it grows back.

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After about four years of subscribing to Eating Well magazine, I’ve finally made a recipe from it! We made a lovely tuna noodle casserole with cheese and breadcrumbs all crusty on top, it’s a cold day and it just seemed like a nice supper. Didn’t manage a picture before we ate it though, the kids were going crazy all over the house.

Looking forward to watching tomorrow evening’s Last Restaurant Standing and maybe even having a glass of wine (gasp!) after having a haircut for the first time in months.

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Random titles from now on

Make your own virtual album (courtesy of Kittenhead via SuburbanMum)

This is such a cute time waster. I couldn’t help but include it after seeing it on Suburban Mum’s website.

You design your virtual band’s new album.

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. You then take the pic and add your band name and the album title to it, then post your pic.

Here is mine:

Barefoot Bay

what love truly is.

Photo of children sledding in the sun

(I tried to link to the photo and show it directly but the brainpower isn’t there today)

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Can’t buy me love

I suppose if I had to choose a resolution, it would be the one I choose every year and fail spectacularly at – ridding my house of clutter once and for all. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the reasons behind my need to hang onto old magazines, books I haven’t read, instructional manuals I will never make anything from, clothing which will fit K or E before it would ever fit me again, Christmas decorations which worked for the apartment but not this house, bubble wrap, old receipts, etc. I think part of the problem is that I feel there is still life in things, and I need to let other people take advantage of that life before the elastic goes, or the colors fade, or whatnot. Another part of the problem is that I grew up believing that the most important factor in any purchase was getting a “really good deal”. I can’t begin to tell you how many “really good deals” were purchased that didn’t fit quite right, weren’t quite my style, didn’t quite suit the purpose I needed something for, or were completely extraneous, but were priced really cheaply and therefore impressed my mom when I told her how little I paid for them. What is the value that can be placed on open, clear space? What is the value that can be placed on the ability to clean for company by using a swiffer instead of a bunch of boxes with clutter shoved into them stacked onto the bed in the guest bedroom? What is the value that can be placed on giving your friends the “fifty cent tour” of your house? (to date, not a single one of my friends has seen my basement. My parents were down there once, and my in-laws were down there when we first bought the house. One of my friends has a playground set up in her basement that her kids enjoy daily, and that mine love when we go over. What I wouldn’t give to have the wherewithal to do that with my basement! What would the value of THAT be, as compared with the “deal” I got on the stuff down there?) To be fair, some things were inherited from my grandparents, and gifts from others, but for the most part it is things I (or Scott) picked out and brought into the house.  It wasn’t too bad until the kids’ stuff started to take over, and it has become apparent that *something* has to give.  Another good friend is having a rummage this spring, I think this is my big chance.

For the record, the clutter here is like “Clean Sweep” and not “How Clean Is Your House?” – We have clutter, but not filth.

Stay tuned here for my big attempt to clear out here once and for all. The kids deserve to grow up in a place that more closely resembles IKEA than a flea market. Encouragement encouraged, to those who don’t tend to hold onto things, this probably sounds silly, but to those who hang onto old newspapers and such, you probably understand…

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