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Blast from the Past.

I mentioned this photo in passing, and photographic evidence was demanded. This is the photo I talked everyone into posing for in Science Club in high school. Ah, those were the days. ‘Twas fun.



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Swedish Princess Cake

…Did not happen today. I will attempt it again another time, perhaps for the girls’ birthdays.

More after we return from the Easter dinner at my parents’ house.





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Awful iron.

We’re using the new waffle iron for the first time now. K calls it an “Awful maker”. “Awfuls are DEEEE-Wishus.” I love toddler-speak.

We dyed eggs at our friends’ house today. It was way fun. Holidays are going to get pretty cool from here on out, aren’t they.

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Snow, snow, go away…

There is sidewalk chalk to use! And eggs to hunt. Enough already with the weather crap.

Got more pornchicken in the oven. Too bad this blog doesn’t have smell-o-vision. Oh wait, I write about poo, too. Perhaps it is for the best…

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Porn & Chicken

It was a gorgeous day today, sunny and snow-meltingly warm. I went on a playdate with the girls and we all went on a walk together in the sunshine, splashing through puddles and just enjoying the fact that it wasn’t -4o degrees and bone-numbingly cold for once.

Tonight, I took the Maple Chicken & Ribs (thank you to Laputain for the idea) out of their marinade bath, where they’ve been soaking for two plus days in the fridge. Granted, there are no ribs, there was an excelent sale on free-range chicken so we made Maple Drumsticks & Thighs. This is based on a Nigella Lawson recipe, which is not, in and of itself, pornographic. I made some modifications. Added some maple syrup. Used ground allspice and ground cinnamon instead of whole cinnamon and whole star anise. I think the flavors melded just smashingly. I will post pictures when I am less tipsy from the New Glarus Totally Naked beer I drank with dinner. I also made oven fries by slicing local russet potatoes into vaguely french-fry (chip, for our UK friends) shapes, tossed them with a mixture of olive oil and italian spices, and spread them on a sheet to bake. The whole shebang was like a night out at a fab BBQ place.

No porn yet, I hear you thinking. (yes, I can hear you thinking. Be more careful with those thoughts next time, cheeky) Well, the scent of the chicken baking filled the house and we kept remarking on how incredible it smelled, the whole time it was in the oven. When it came out, the deep mahogany crispy glaze was just mesmerizingly gorgeous, like styled food or the glossy centerfolds of certain magazines. I yelled out, “wow, that is pornographic chicken”, because it was so delectable, so tauntingly gorgeous, that it just had that jaw-dropping, drool inducing effect.

Also, the title is a Paean to a certain group of Harvard students.

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It figures.

I stepped out the front door this morning to get the mail and wiped out on a patch of ice. Has the Ides of March come early this year? Stupid ice. Why can’t it be green grass I am slipping on – I could deal with mud and grass stains if it were only that warm 🙂

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It’s *that* day again.

Welcome to the one day of the year I can invariably remember the weather for. I can remember years when there’s been green(ish) grass, and dandelions in sheltered places. I can remember years when there was a blizzard on this day. It’s funny how that selective memory works. I can’t remember the weather the day before or after, but I remember it for *this* day.

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