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Driving Ambition

Everyone’s favorite Goodwill Special Little Tykes car that Grandma Kay found during a particularly lucky streak last year, and my own little speed demons giving it a spin around the back yard. Lame post, I know. But cute photo, don’t you agree?

Driving Miss Squidlet


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iRock even harder.

Rocking Out

You seriously have got to love the dichotomy of the tiny pink iPod shuffle married to the monstrous lime green anachronistic retro headphones. They sound awesome, they don’t hurt my ears like earbuds, and they are lime green. LIME GREEN! What’s not to love.

Now I am learning how to use the iPod because I am apparently a bit behind the curve on the whole technology front. What, you mean LPs are no longer cutting edge? Feh.

I was attempting to look vaguely dangerous and hardcore. I fear that I merely look like an aged cheerleader instead, but at least I am giving props to Type O Negative with the hockey jersey. That jersey has served me well. It washes up well on the road and dries FAST, I wear it a lot when we travel. Eventually someone will take umbrage and beat me up. Hopefully when they do, I can pull out the cute aged cheerleader face and avoid a beating.

Seriously though. LIME GREEN! Of course, now iPod has ditched the awesome lime green color of last year in favor of some weak crappy pseudo mint color. Yuck. BRING BACK THE LIME!


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Ph34r Me, for We are THREE!

Birthday Girl!

We spent a long day celebrating her great-grandma’s hundreth birthday, with family and friends from around the globe. We got to spend time with Auntie Lisa and Uncle Matty, which is beyond precious and far too rare (darn this distance!), the girls adore them. I’ll blog more about both Squidlets’ birthdays if I ever get more than three hours of sleep a night. Maybe I’ll just do it anyway. Right now I am thinking about dinner and sleep.

My Squidlets are one and three! When did this happen?!

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For those unclear on the concept…

The grille on the bottom front of the fridge does not exist merely to consternate us. It exists so that when the two year old pulls a huge container of watermelon chunks out of the fridge and promptly upturns it on the kitchen floor and watermelon chunks go skidding everywhere, the grille keeps the chunks from sliding under the fridge. Unfortunately, the current whereabouts of the grille do not include being attached to the fridge. Perhaps my schedule for lifting the corners of the fridge and sticking “Sliding robots” under there should be stepped up.

Also, happy birthday to grandma-grandma, who turned 100 today (on the 18th, I still haven’t gotten the timestamp corrected on this blog).

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Make a note of it, people. I have finally entered the digital music age. With the gift of an iPod shuffle in raspberry pink and a “mix tape” pre-loaded onto it, I have entered the digital music realm and will not be leaving at any point in the near future. I have hung up my walkman for good, I think.

I still can’t figure out why I was so reluctant to join the party. I think because of the misconceived notion that the only way to get music on these things was to buy it on iTunes, even if you owned the album already.

Thank you again, SteorraCat, you have rocked my tiny little world. Now back to decluttering it Old Skool!

(I also feel it is important to mention that the very first music I added to this thing is Nik Newark’s Chrysanthemum Fiends album “Eucalyptus Kiss“.)

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Ph34r me, I am ONE!

Yes, you heard me right. Our littlest Squidlet turned the big Oh-One today! I will blog more when I am less tired (do I get less tired? It depends how strong the coffee is brewed). But suffice to say that *gasp* yes, she likes ice cream.

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Got Yarn?

Today when the mailman arrived, I experienced what can only be termed a Yarn Orgy. (Yorgy? Yargy? YAAAAARGY! It’s like pirates and a boatload of yarn.) A monstrous box, beneath which our postman was peering, greeted me at the door. Amidst K’s insistent proclamations that grandpa was here, I accepted the box (what the hell could be in this huge box??) and checked out the return address. Immediately, it was like Christmas in June. My prize yarns from the contest were here! Upon flinging wide the gaping cardboard jaws of the box, it became apparent that not only was this *good* yarn, it was *phenomenal, awesome* yarn in amazing colors. This is what I saw in the initial sweep after flinging open the box like Howard Carter renting asunder the door to Tuthankamun’s tomb:

Upon closer inspection, I found wonderful things!

Berroco Peruvia 100% wool

20 hanks in Pea Soup Green (!)

Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn which will, in all likelihood, be made into Rogue Hooded Pullovers before the year is out. This is the same color I did the second Rogue Hoodie in, in Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

Berroco Peruvia 100% Wool

10 hanks in heathered Lavender

Will most likely be married to the Peruvia black in another sweater of some design or another. Perhaps a Tubey. Hm. That could work… At any rate, it’s gorgeous and a really deep, rich color. Yummy! Quite likely destined for a project for my sis, it’s her one of her fave colors.

6 hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a lovely coppery heather color, which will marry well with the Ultra Alpaca hanks I have been ferreting away for the past year or so since I discovered the incredible Pea Soup Green color. I’ve got woodland colors that are just screaming to be made into a tasteful, subdued, fuzzy throw. (destined to join the party with my stash of Ultra Alpaca, at any rate.)

10 balls of Berroco Pure Merino Heather in a yummy Amethyst (destined for Tosha)

Exactly what they will be made into is up for grabs, you never can tell what sort of oddball project will fly off my needles (or not fly off so much as crawl off or inch off as in the case of the Kittenhead Zombie Cat Bag.)

5 hanks of Berroco Bonsai (bamboo) in chocolate brown

(yay Bamboo!) Do I smell market bags in my future? Baby clothes? The sky is the limit (or my baby’s bum – your choice. Actually, it’s really my choice. Although I can’t imagine anyone would choose my baby’s bum on purpose. They might, though, Bamboo supposedly has antimicrobial properties. And is magic.)

3 hanks (naturally) of Berroco Trilogy (yowza accent yarn!)

What can I say about this yarn that the pictures wouldn’t say better for themselves?! I am thinking aded zing and pop for some sort of neckcovering and/or matching somethings for me and the Squidlets.

6 hanks of Berroco Peruvia in black (so many potential uses I can’t even begin to list them). Okay, well maybe I can. Pairing with the heathered amethyst Berroco Peruvia as mentioned above to make a Rogue Hoodie love child, adding a dash of class to something otherwise tacky and gaudy, rolling around in it singing “Paint it Black”…

4 balls of Berroco Ultra silk in a creamy color, I’m having fun figuring out what to make with this! Perhaps a Mobius scarf. Perhaps not. Heisenberg only knows.

And last but by no means least, a ball of Berroco Sox yarn in yummy colors!

And there you have it, folks, a metric frakk-ton of amazing yarn.

Gail and Dani at ADHD Knitting put the AWWW YEAH! in Awesome!

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