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New stuff

I got a haircut, and I earned the title “Most Epic Win” on Ravelry’s LSG for my Gordian shrug. Whee!

Plus, the box of girls’ clothes from my hairdresser rocks and K has been trying on every pair of shoes, over and over.

Now if I could only get some motivation to clear out some clutter instead of taking pictures of yarn stash to put up on Ravelry…


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Time for a change.

It’s been a while since making babies turned my hair this dark, dark chestnut. It still doesn’t look like me in the mirror if I catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. So at 1am yesterday morning I decided to do something about it. And here’s the result:

Awright. The most excellent Bubbo will be here for brunch tomorrow and I need to scoop up the minefield of toys and then hit the hay. More soon. I really, really promise.

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I’m Here! Ooh, ooh, Mistah Kottah!

Lots going on. Jazz & Chicken & Sculpture, oh my! X-files movie. Swim lessons. Decluttering picking up steam. Ravelympics. Designing my first shrug and taking decent notes so I can actually write up a pattern for once.

I will tell you more soon, my lovelies.

But I will leave you with the Shrug, to tide you over:

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This is Ri-Gosh-Darn-Diculous!

It’s ridiculous that instead of getting out with the squidlets and enjoying the summer, I am constantly obsessing about the clutter in the house, dealing with it, shuffling it around, and stressing about sorting and getting rid of it. What is it about old magazines and papers that has such a mesmerizingly Svengali-esque hold on my Psyche? There’s so much I could do if I wasn’t constantly fixating on the stuff in the house. Get out to the park, the museums, the pool with the Squidlets. Heck, even get out in the backyard with them more! Two of my dear friends are very organized and ruthless with their clutter, and have had what I could call a full, rewarding day with their kids by the time I am first drinking my coffee in the morning after trying to clear off the dining room table for the kids’ breakfast.

Feeling this way is an improvement over the exhausted, defeated acceptance I once had of the situation. I can only hope that it continues to spiral into a delicious ruthlessness in the decluttering process. Wish me luck!

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