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Slip Slidin’ Away

Our fantabulous friends invited us to an immense indoor waterpark called the Kalahari this weekend. We spent all day Saturday getting sore from walking, swimming, climbing, and screaming. It was fun, relaxing, and wonderful. Life’s moments are much more meaningful when shared.

I wonder what K will say when we’re back to the same old, same old at the YMCA tonight.


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I’ve had that fixed orthodontic retainer in almost half my life – it was too broken to be fixed, so the brother of the Orthodontist who originally put it in took it out for me today – two things are awesome about that, and one is kinda meh. 1. I can feel the back surfaces of my bottom teeth and man, it’s amazing! I had forgotten what that felt like. 2. He didn’t charge for removing it, which is really wonderful, especially considering it wasn’t he who had put it in originally. The kinda meh thing is I hope my teeth don’t shift now. There’s no wisdom teeth anymore to shove them around, and that was ostensibly the reason the retainer was in so long, but still, I worry. I don’t want to go back to hillbilly princess teeth. I’m going to go brush my teeth again because it feels so funky. Also, I wish I were still as skinny as the “braces just out” photos in my chart at their office. I do not, however, wish I were still that gawky and awkward.

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After 15+ years with my post-braces fixed retainer in, one side has finally broken loose. Now? Really? Not during my obsessive hard caramel phase? Or the everlasting gobstopper phase? Or the pulling tags off with my teeth phase? What the hell did I do to knock you loose?

Hm. I’ll bet it’s when E had her fingers in my mouth playing with my teeth the other night. Poo.

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600 Points of Light

Our big massive fantabulous outdoor Xmas light display this year consists of two whole strands of 300 lights each. One on the arbor, one strung up the trunks of two white pines. Simple yet pretty, and makes the kids coo. I hope to get a wreath up on the garage again, but the one we had last year was used as a purple finch nursery all summer and the lights won’t light.

I need to get the yarn for my yarn swaps out, the postcards for my postcard swaps out, the shrug pattern finished and up on Ravelry, and a few things knitted for the holiday giving season. Plus putting a twin bed in K’s room and giving the full bed in there back to my mom, putting the huge ex-university chalkboard (from the surplus sale, we didn’t pinch it) up in the living room safely so that it doesn’t come crashing down on the kids, and winterizing the windows.


And your mom.

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Can just one day go by without something heinous ostensibly being my fault? Just one?


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Green Thumb

Last night, K was “watering” E with her sippy cup, telling me she wanted to water her to make her grow. Like a flower. It was quite endearing. Today, K drew a lot of faces on construction paper, some of her grandparents, the dog, the kitties, her sister, etc. I love my budding artist. Tonight she was explaining to me which of her senses she was using to experience different things, like touch for hot and cold, hearing for music, sight for a beautiful sunset, etc. Get out the popcorn, sometimes this is better than a movie. An interactive movie, to be sure.

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Something happened today I never would have expected. I bought pomegranates on sale this week for a lark, and today I was munching on some and offered a small bowl to the girls just to see what would happen. They became instant addicts. They’re currently on their third bowl. Who knew?

I will write about our fantastic time Trick or Treating last night when the pictures are uploaded and after our big night out tonight.

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