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Knit baby, knit baby, one two three four!

Woohoo! Finished the knitting on Kittenhead’s pressie, just have to weave in ends and wash & dry. And then we’re good to go! Feels good. And then my nose goes back to the Gordian Shrug grindstone, because I *REALLY* want to get that done.


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Knit like the wind!

Frantically knitting one last addition to Auntie Kittenhead’s Xmas package. And then the Xmas cards/letter will go out. and THEN I will update this fecking thing.


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For your listening pleasure

Until I get it in gear and post about something proper and important, I will share this bit of fun. (as seen on Graham Norton)

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Still Here!

The whole family was sick for three weeks over Thanksgiving and beyond. I have news, I have exciting DIY, but I also have to get Xmas cards out, so I will update soon. I will! Really.

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