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This Is The Year.

This is the year that it happens. This is the year that I take our successful New Year’s Resolution from last year (cook at home instead of eating fast food so often/Stop drinking soda) and turn it into a healthier life for me, Mister Squid, and the Squidlets.  I dodged a bullet with Diabetes. But the fact that I was as worried as I was indicates I KNOW how unhealthy I have been. This year, I will strive to feed myself and my family cholesterol-lowering foods and get all of us out and about for walks, swims, and fun. Exercise. But “way of life” exercise without having to think about it or buy a special outfit. Because that’s so often where the plan falls apart. If it seems like a part of the daily routine, it will be easier to stick to.


The extreme lethargy I have felt since getting pregnant with K seems to be down to a Vitamin D deficiency. I thought my D2 supplements were working, but I started on D3 this week and it’s like someone filled my gas tank with jet fuel compared with how I have felt for the last four years. After blood tests (for everything BUT vitamin D deficiency, it seems), the doc was stumped. And my Ravelry friends in Bubbo’s Pants mentioned Vitamin D on a completely unrelated thread. I will be eternally grateful for this. What a simple change for a huge difference.

This is the year! It will happen!


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Today’s bit of toddler Sci Fi action

K is speaking in a monotone and claiming that she is a “Box Robot”, while tromping around with a cardboard box over her head.

Soon, I must post to properly thank the person who got me cooking gourmet meals at home instead of going out to eat so much, but right now I have to get the Mise en Place, er… En Place.

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She likes pink – and also the black void of Space.

I shouldn’t be so surprised that K, who I had hoped to raise a Sci Fi geek like her mom (but who had gotten far too fond of pink dresses, purses, and accoutrements as of late), is playing “Space Ship” with E. She has just stated she and E will “Flast Off” and eat their “Space lunch” while flying to “the hot hot sun” or “away from Earf, my home.” She has indicated that they need to secure their “Space lunch” (Green grapes and string cheese) so that it doesn’t fly off into space.  I shouldn’t be so surprised. We watch Dr. Who and Star Trek with the girls (except for really scary episodes), and she knew the name of the Enterprise before she knew her own last name.

The bedroom the girls share has a wallpaper border, put up by a previous owner of our house, which has all the planets on a deep space background. And the quilt I bought for K’s bed has a rocket ship and planets on it.

Their current “Spaceship” is under the table.  “We are going OFF in Space!” says K. Now that they have “Flasted off”, the only sound is that of bananas being masticated. (apparently bananas travel well in space).  E is making a “pthbbbbbbbbbbb” sound to indicate engines and vrooming.

Despite all of us being sick, it’s quite lovely.

An older photo showing her quilt and the border (there are now two twin beds in there instead of the futon):

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New Nicknames

So now K refers to herself as “Word Girl” and to E as “Captain Huggy Face”. It’s adorable, but I have the feeling that in future years, E might not enjoy the comparison to a monkey.

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Enough already with the sicknesses! Enough! Argh!

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Riffing on Darwin

A little late, but why the hell not…

(especially for ScienceBoy(tm) )

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A moment in toddlerhood.

I was nursing E this evening after the girls had their bath. K came up with a big stuffed kitty doll and had it “nurse” on the opposite side. There we were, a big pile of happy people, one of whom was full of warm milk, one of whom was pretending to be, and two of whom had big grins on their faces.

This is the sort of thing I will need to remember when they are teenagers.

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