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What do we do? We ponder.

During and after Water Aerobics tonight, I found myself thinking a lot. Thinking about the way I am versus the way other people are. One of my friends, who I have a tremendous amount of respect for, talks very little. If she calls, it’s to find out something specific, to accomplish a task. She says she will do something, she does it without making a big hoopla about what she is thinking about doing, how she will go about doing it, etc. She gets it done. She accomplishes. A lot.

Me, I talk for ages about what I want to do, the barriers in my path, what I intend to do to remove the barriers, blah blah blah. I talk for ages and accomplish little. I need to gain a little ruthlessness, a little edge, to keep from just jabbering away the time I could use to accomplish stuff.

In the past, I have thrown myself into hobbies, mostly with little to no physical accomplishment gained in the final analysis. Have I created a masterpiece? Completed an Ironman triathalon? Written a novel? No. I have spent hours, weeks, months, years gaming or blathering or engaging in other escapist activities with little to no measurable gain in my own life. There are exceptions to the “useless” moniker, of course.¬† I learned a lot of crafts in the SCA, and gained a greater understanding of human interaction in LARPing and RPGing. The hours spent playing video games, well, those are gone. I’ll never get those back. I could have been learning to knit! Although it was fun at the time.

I guess this realization will help me to become a “do-er” rather than a “talker”, which is something I’ve been guilty of far too often.

Here’s to a whole TREE full of NEW LEAVES!!!


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Randomly Delicious

I walked tonight. I was cold and miserable the first few blocks, but 50 minutes later, at the end, I was peeling off layers and sweating. The wonderful mix from StarGrrl and VisMajor on the shuffle totally helped keep me moving.

As I walked, I thought about random things. One random thing is that the route I chose tonight was rather close to a Fibonacci spiral. This pleased me greatly. And it occurred to me while listening to the Dr. Who theme and grooving on the modulations of the Theramin. So doubly awesome.

Another random thing (and this, Tosha, is especially for you because you wanted to know something about me you might not have guessed on your own): My senior year of high school, I ran a 6:20 mile. I did not do this for fun and enjoyment, even then I ran only when chased. I did it to beat my closest guy friend, who was a farm kid, in great shape, going into the Navy, and who constantly ragged me about being soft and pampered.¬† So when it came time to run our last mile of the year for gym class, I gave it everything I had. I. Ran. So. Fast. I passed him on the last lap, and finished with a healthy lead. And then fell to the ground and puked on the gym teacher’s shoes. But man, it was worth it. SO worth it.

For those who know me now, the idea of my accomplishing such a feat must be akin to whales achieving spontaneous flight or old growth forests  springing anew and whole from the scorched earth. But it happened.

Tonight I walked for 50 minutes and added two large loops of distance onto the usual walk. I may or may not have wiggled my hips when Madonna’s “Erotic” came on the shuffle, it was dark and nobody would have witnessed this theoretical event, should it have occurred.

You can’t prove anything.

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2 mile walk, a little over a half hour. Gotta add some distance on there. I did intervals this time for the first time on the walk – warm up, ramp up speed, fast, “power” (butt clenchin’, ab clenchin’ walking which must have looked ridiculous except it was after dark so who cares, pfft), decreasing intensity, cooldown.

Had the iPod shuffle with and it helped a lot. Whee!

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Don’t Wanna.

Gonna anyway.

Thought I’d share.

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How many repetitions = new habit?

I twisted my ankle running after the Squidlets today and I STILL went to water aerobics. I am right proud of myself. It felt good.

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Watchmen + IMAX = Squee

Glad I went. 5 hour round trip not including the movie. Got some excellent coffee to keep me company on the way home.

I guess I should just admit I am a huge fangirl, huh. I was the only chick in the theatre, which was interesting. And I have to say, having a sound system which made my clothing vibrate with the Owlship’s reverbrating engines was something else entirely. Awesome experience.

And now? Seriously? I need to get back to my regularly scheduled decluttering.

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Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yi Yippee Yay

Tonight I took Lucy Fur, the world’s most codependent border collie, for a nice brisk 45 minute walk. She seemed to enjoy it immensely. I think I’ll consider this a weekly date.

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