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Crasher Squirrel goes canoeing

(ps. Thanks to Miri and StarGrrl for Squirrelizing the Squidlets!)


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Safe and Happy.

What a week. More soon. We’re all fine here. How are you?


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E is an adventurous and LUCKY child.

We very nearly lost E yesterday when she decided to go adventuring at a two-story restaurant where we met family. Details (and a photo) to follow. She is fine. I nearly had a coronary after all was said and done.

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IrisFest 2009!

So the order from Pleasants Valley Iris arrived yesterday. It was a spur of the moment order on June 3, and I knew it wouldn’t ship til the end of July. It was still a scramble to get the area prepped though (the tree project materialized in the middle there).  So now there is a huge iris bed where the lemon lilies were marking time before, and the lemon lilies have moved to the border of the bed. I’ll catalogue the different iris I just planted, so that when they bloom last year, I know what’s what. I made metal nametags for each one but still. Can’t hurt.

Russet Colored Iris:

2 Fort Apache

1 Caliente

1 Cranapple

Copper Colored Iris:

1 Lightning Streak

2 Boss Tweed

1 Charged Up

1 Rustic Cedar

Dual Color Iris:

2 Devil’s Spoon (grape/burgundy)

2 Art Form (lavender/burgundy)

1 Raspberry Fudge (raspberry/burgundy/yellow)

2 Gaelic Joy (raspberry/yellow)

1 Floorshow (yellow/violet edges)

2 Carnival Song (peach top/violet edged falls)

1 Latin Rock (peach/plum)

1 Mariachi Music (peach/burgundy)

Blue Colored Iris:

1 Wintry Sky (blue)

2 Devilish Nature (pale lavender)

3 Codicil (blue)

1 Blue Rhythm (pale lavender)

2 Blue Cheer (deeper lavender)

2 Babbling Brook (light blue)

Yellow Colored Iris:

2 Harvest of Memories (yellow)

1 Country Dancer (peach)

2 Crystal Glitters (white)

And 7 unnamed iris (I ordered 15 unnamed iris and got some named ones, which was a bonus).

How many iris is this in total? 46! How many did I order? 32! I am really impressed with the number of bonus iris and with the fact that many of the 15 “unnamed” iris were actually named. The rhizomes all look vigorous and I am really, really looking forward to seeing the blooms when they appear. I’ve never had blooms appear the first year after a transplant, so I am not deluding myself that they’ll bloom next year. If they do, it will be a pleasant surprise.

I’ll take some pictures when they’ve settled in nicely and I’ve gotten the woodchips down on everything that’s not iris. (Iris do not tolerate mulch – they like dry feet).

Next year: daylilies!

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John Hughes: in the giant Shermer High in the sky…

What is your favorite John Hughes movie? For me I’d have to say Breakfast Club. The soundtrack is in the rotation on my stereo and quotes from the movie pop up more often than you’d expect in my everyday life.

We’ll miss you, John. Teenage angst won’t be as poignant (or funny) without you around.

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