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Damn you, piggies!

So I think the Squidlets have Hamthrax. They’re miserable, K has a 101(f) fever, and she’s alternating coughing and throwing up. Since she and E lick each other all day, it is only a matter of time before E becomes a font of liquids as well. I feel so helpless, wanting to hold them and getting pushed away. I wish I could do more to make them feel better. I hope this bout of the Aporkalypse is over quickly and doesn’t decimate the adults of the household too badly, so that we are able to tend to the youngn’s appropriately during the entire course of the illness.

Ugh. And K is missing an “apple themed” week at school – I was so excited! They’re making applesauce Friday. It’s a safe bet she won’t be there.


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E is popping her two-year molars on the bottom, and this explains SO MUCH of her crabby moods lately. HOORAY FOR TEETH!

We visited the Appleton Children’s Museum yesterday and I will blog about this soon, especially the faucetheaded man with the big green droplet dangling out of his nose. K enjoyed him immensely.

I still owe the blogging about the museum AND Casey’s orchard, but here’s the photo of Faucethead I promised:

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Here it is, your moment of funny Zen for today.

While I was sitting in the waiting room today, the OB doc who delivered both of my kids came in. I was frogging the Tubey and getting ready to make the Gordian part for a new sweater. He smiled, and said “What are you working on now?” I pointed at the shrug I was wearing and said “Another one of these.” He grinned, and said, “One of these days, I really need to take up knitting or sewing.” Without missing a beat, or really thinking about it, I said, “But you’re already halfway there! You’re already GREAT at sewing on people, I’m living proof!” “That’s true, you’re right!” he said, and I swear I could hear him laughing down the hall for a good few moments. Along with half the women in the waiting room with me.

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Matruschka Dolls, kinda.

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Oh Hai, Happy 12th Anniversary!

Mmmm, Sushi Lunch Date!

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I have been Assimilated.

I finally knit myself a Clapotis. I’ve called this Cthulhapotis: R’yleh Ruana.


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What color shall we paint the Squidlets’ room?



….And loving it!

I am thinking more of the “dreamsicle” end of the spectrum as opposed to the “traffic cone orange” end. And yes, I love the light switch cover as well. It was a lucky find on clearance a couple years ago.

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