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Overheard while getting the Squidlets ready for bed.

K to E: “When you’re done getting your jammas on, want to get married to me?”

 E to K: “All wite!”

K to E:  “Here is the rug where we will dance after we get married in our jammas. Let’s get married, your Majesty!”


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Saga of the Windows, part the Second.

Updatey Update:

I called {Home Improvement Supercenter} just now for the third time since the contractor left, first time today. Got the Millwork manager, with whom I spoke the weekend after we ordered the windows (I got home and realized we didn’t have any of the spec sheets, I spent several hours in {Home Improvement Supercenter} that weekend trying to get the specs for the main window, which they were ultimately unable to provide. Oddly enough, if I’d just been given that effin’ spec sheet, I would have compared the dimensions, as I did with the other windows, and gone “Hey, this won’t fit – it’s wrong” and none of this sh1t would have happened). Asked the manager what the status is. He told me they’d gotten the quote and ordered it this morning. I said I had wanted to be called when the quote was in so I could come in during the ordering process and make sure it was right. I had him read the ordered dimensions to me, which were 130.5 and then he said 59″. Later he said 54″, which is what the contractor said. He said they ordered it directly off the contractor’s notes from yesterday. I think he was a little flustered, but I might call later just to make sure it’s 54″. The stain color, style of window, color of shades, color of exterior are correct. I didn’t ask the style of shades, but it seems like they went off the specs for those things on the previous window and those were all correct. Supposedly, we’re looking at two weeks. I am not sure if he means two weeks til it’s finished or two weeks til it’s here and ready for install. I asked to be informed at every step of the process, when the window is finished, etc. Then I told him that since the trim will have been ripped down and tacked up twice by that point, how about providing me with new trim? He said he would have to talk to a manager but he was sure that would be possible. And I also said that since I am stuck with plastic where a window used to be, the furnace is running constantly and the fuel bill will be much higher than usual. And he said that could be taken care of as well. I will let this post help serve as proof for this, or at least an extra shred of proof, that T*** said this could happen.

I asked how it could have happened that the window was ordered wrong, given that the contractor’s measurements were right there in front of the guy that ordered the window. The manager said that the millwork guy (I don’t want to say his name – the guy we worked with through the entire process) just ordered it wrong. He just plain got the numbers wrong. And the manager said it’s all on this guy’s shoulders. I feel a little bad for the guy, but I did ask twice if he could double-check the measurements on the big window since it was a special order and he said he had. Which it is pretty obvious now was not the case. I did everything I possibly could to make sure this would go well, so I have nothing to feel guilty for. And damn, the weather yesterday was PERFECT for putting the window in. PERFECT. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER.


So now I wait. And move the furniture back (I rearranged. Not sure if I like it all that well yet but eh). And get ready for tomorrow’s playdate, and ultimately get ready for Thanksgiving. When we will be hosting my sis and her dude, who have a new construction going on that’s chock full of Pella windows which were not mis-ordered, arrived on time, and look great. A little lemon juice, I guess. So at the earliest, we’re looking at the first week of December. in Wisconsin. To install a 130″ long window. Yeah, *that* will be a warm day. Not to mention arranging babysitting *again* and S taking off work *again*. Not that I am bitter.

Anyway. Updatey update.

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Saga of the Windows

The Saga of the Windows has now become a Viking Dirge.


Now that the trim is off, one of the old storms is broken, and the plaster is all screwed up, we are facing a month or two more with this old cold nasty window that I was so ready to be done with. We’re going to wind up having to pay up on the 6 months interest free before we get an actual damn WINDOW at this rate! I know it’s a petty and small thing when compared with health whines, I do. But at this point, I am just a bit despondent. I love this contractor. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat. I am sick of the two and a half months of back-and-forth we’ve gone through to get quotes from Pella and get these windows ordered. And the guy at {the Home Improvement supercenter} SWORE he’d call the contractor to double-check the size of the big window, because the number was a little chickenscratchy. I wrote down the two possible numbers. 128.25 and 108.25. The correct number was 128.25. The size window the dude at   {the Home Improvement supercenter} ordered? 123.25. The rough opening, now that the trim is off, is actually 130.5. (there’s a thicker side wood support doohickey than the contractor expected) The 128.25 would have worked just fine. The 123.25 will not. PLUS, the guy at  {the Home Improvement supercenter} made up a number for the height, it’s 5” taller than the opening and it seems like he pulled it out of his ass. Or Pella made it up. Or gremlins ate the original file. But it’s just messed up. I am also a little annoyed because I made a point of working with one dude at  {the Home Improvement supercenter} to make sure that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen – because surely, if only one person is working with us, they’ll understand all their own notes, etc. I wish I would have worked with the guy who used to be a VP for JBL. However, “I wish” does not equate to “I did” and I am stuck here stewing in my own frustration. Thanks for letting me vent, you guys! I love ya.


On the plus side, the three other (small) windows and the storm door are in and are fantastic.


On the minus side, it’s Wisconsin and the weather today was sunny and 34 degrees, which is unseasonably warm, and when the replacement replacement window arrives, I can guarantee that this will not be the case.

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From the mouth of a babe.

E just said “Daddy play with me, he’s my best friend!”
She is showing K how to play with the lincoln logs. S plays lincoln logs with E quite often.

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A new milestone for K

K went to a birthday party and sleepover this last week – my baby slept over at her friends’ house! (And yes, it was two friends who invited her, they are sisters). I stayed til 10pm just in case she had a change of heart, but she was so jazzed to stay and they had a wonderful time. I spent some time chatting with their mom and it was really a lovely time all round. I have the feeling that this is the first of many sleepovers.

In other news, three of the new windows are in (main bath, guest bath, and kitchen) and the new storm door as well. The big living room window is at the store and we’re set to install on Wednesday. EEEEEEEEE! I will have a separate entire post on the windows, but I wanted to give an update. It will be SO NICE to have a warm living room window so we don’t have to shroud it in insulated curtains to stay warm this winter.

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“Friend of the Week” at school this week.

K is “friend of the week” at school this week and I had to make a poster for her this weekend. I started at 11:30 last night because, well, that’s how I roll. It kind of sucks and I need to find a way to not procrastinate so much, but I started dinking with it during the day and both kids just jumped on me.

I also need to blog about the Halloween fun we had over the last few days, but we’ll start with our Friend of the Week (it is Pink week, too – so appropriate!):

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