Saga of the Windows

The Saga of the Windows has now become a Viking Dirge.


Now that the trim is off, one of the old storms is broken, and the plaster is all screwed up, we are facing a month or two more with this old cold nasty window that I was so ready to be done with. We’re going to wind up having to pay up on the 6 months interest free before we get an actual damn WINDOW at this rate! I know it’s a petty and small thing when compared with health whines, I do. But at this point, I am just a bit despondent. I love this contractor. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat. I am sick of the two and a half months of back-and-forth we’ve gone through to get quotes from Pella and get these windows ordered. And the guy at {the Home Improvement supercenter} SWORE he’d call the contractor to double-check the size of the big window, because the number was a little chickenscratchy. I wrote down the two possible numbers. 128.25 and 108.25. The correct number was 128.25. The size window the dude at   {the Home Improvement supercenter} ordered? 123.25. The rough opening, now that the trim is off, is actually 130.5. (there’s a thicker side wood support doohickey than the contractor expected) The 128.25 would have worked just fine. The 123.25 will not. PLUS, the guy at  {the Home Improvement supercenter} made up a number for the height, it’s 5” taller than the opening and it seems like he pulled it out of his ass. Or Pella made it up. Or gremlins ate the original file. But it’s just messed up. I am also a little annoyed because I made a point of working with one dude at  {the Home Improvement supercenter} to make sure that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen – because surely, if only one person is working with us, they’ll understand all their own notes, etc. I wish I would have worked with the guy who used to be a VP for JBL. However, “I wish” does not equate to “I did” and I am stuck here stewing in my own frustration. Thanks for letting me vent, you guys! I love ya.


On the plus side, the three other (small) windows and the storm door are in and are fantastic.


On the minus side, it’s Wisconsin and the weather today was sunny and 34 degrees, which is unseasonably warm, and when the replacement replacement window arrives, I can guarantee that this will not be the case.


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