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Update on the Window

Our window came in to {whatever pretend name I’m giving the DIY Home Improvement Superstore}. Today. In the middle of a blizzard that dumped 10” of snow on us and closed all the schools, and the UNIVERSITY is closed for only the second time since I’ve been with hubby, which is 16.5 years. So of COURSE the window comes in today. Tomorrow is really cold, friday is really cold but warmer than Thursday. So it’s going in Friday.

Our contractor called to inform me of this. As I am looking out the window at the large quantities of snow. Sheepishly, he said “your window is in today” and I laughed for a good 10-15 seconds, as did he. Of course it is. He said he’d measure the new window to make sure it fits before they start pulling out the old window. Which is good. Somehow, I am a little gun-shy in believing they’ve ordered the right size this time.

So we’ve scheduled for a day where it’s supposed to get UP to 15 degrees F. The day they were going to put in the window three weeks ago? 65 degrees F. Ugh. I have a great case for the heating oil compensation, but no real concrete way of proving how much more we’ve had to spend. And I still don’t know how much we’re paying for the new, re-ordered window. Which is more than a bit disconcerting. I hate not being kept in the loop. I feel disrespected as a customer because of this. I “get” that mistakes happen, that things are not perfect in the real world. But all I really asked for was to be kept in the loop, and the only updates I have gotten have been when I call them myself.

I talked to the installs person at {whatever pretend name I’m giving the DIY Home Improvement Superstore} and was all “my comped trim and the payment for the extra heating oil we’ve used? Hmmm?” and she was all “heating bills for Oct and Nov” and I was all “we have a TANK of heating oil that gets filled EVERY FOUR MONTHS. I haven’t taken pictures of the level.” and she was all “Well I have to talk to a manager” and I was all HEADDESK

I still don’t know how much this new window will be. A part of me (a tiny part, the part that is convinced fairies live in my woods) thinks maybe they’ll comp the entire window. The rest of me knows this ain’t the case. I still don’t know how they could order the damn thing without letting me know how much I’ll be out. So I will (most likely) have to argue for the original 15% discount I got on the windows with a coupon back in early October, as well as SOME sort of compensation for their employee being an idiot and ordering the wrong size window even though the contractor gave the numbers for the RIGHT size.

I feel like I’m having to bend over, because it’s feckin cold and I want an actual window in where there’s plastic up, even the old crappy window was better than this. And we STARTED THE PROCESS IN THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER.

Next year, the remaining 5 windows that need replacing? Ordering them in June.


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