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Flu Shot 1, Squid Family 0.

Wow. The shot didn’t really hurt when we got it, but now we just want to curl up and sleep. I am glad we got it done though.


What a birthday present for Mister Squid. Oh well. We were going to order windows, too, but the quote is STILL not complete. Apparently a lot of people are ordering windows, as we are planning to, to squeak under the wire with the tax rebate thing. Crossing fingers that the quote will be ready Monday.


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Matruschka Dolls, kinda.

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Oh Hai, Happy 12th Anniversary!

Mmmm, Sushi Lunch Date!

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Safe and Happy.

What a week. More soon. We’re all fine here. How are you?


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Updates owed

But today is reserved for cleaning up the aftermath of the kids’ closet and our closet vomiting their contents into the living room so we could chose funeral-appropriate clothing for the last few days.  Plus the clean laundry. Plus the kitchen. Plus swimming lessons tonight. Plus a 22 month old who hates wearing her diaper now. Plus I want a stiff drink – like some fancy sweet coffee thing from a barista or something. Plus I am so getting ice cream. Plus I haven’t been on my official “walk” in a week, but I did chase Squidlets all over for two days of funeral plus a day at the in-laws’, so I did get in some exercise. Plus where the hell is that coffee. Plus I still have to get the holiday letter out. Plus we didn’t hear from the tree man. Plus I want to shampoo the carpet but it’s been rainy and damp forever and it’s not an appropriate time to do it because it’d stay damp forever and I have to get miss K to stop brushing her teeth as she’s been at it for 15 minutes now.

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Updates and stuff

A lot of stuff to update on.
Water aerobics on Thursday, 4/16.
Visited Grandma at the Home on Friday, 4/17.
Did yard work on Saturday, 4/18 (I consider that my exercise).
Grandma passed on Sunday morning, 4/19. We visited my in-laws’ that afternoon.
K had her first swim lesson in a couple of months 4/20. Asked where the previous instructor was (graduated from college & moved away).
I went to water aerobics 4/21. It was awesome.

This morning, K came into the bedroom while E was having her morning “snackies” and found the pretend microphone. She stood up, and said (into the “mic”), “I am Barack Obama! I am the president of ALL the WORLD! You are John Dickain! And you’re not the president!”

I was heartily amused by this. This afternoon, we plan to do the Earth Day hike at the Boston School Forest again. yay!

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This is the thing that is true.

It is virtually impossible to listen to “100% pure love” on your headphones on a walk and NOT walk up to tempo with it.

It’s cold, been a difficult day, and I didn’t wanna peel myself off the couch but I did. Just the short version of the walk, 35 minutes, but at least 10 of those were walking up to tempo with my arms swinging, speedwalker-like, and breathing heavily/heart poundingly/aerobically actively.  I am glad I went. Halfway through I got a cramp in my left calf and a stitch in my right side. I focused on good form. I don’t remember much from weightlifting class, but I do remember the importance of good form in preventing injury. And that there is a fine line between “no pain no gain” and “stupidly acquired injury”.

More for my own memory than anything, I need to get taller socks for walking. I got short ones and they slip down. And I need to get different shoes. My hiking boots with their rigid ankle support are awesome for hiking on dirt trails and bark trails. Not so much on concrete. I think the immobilized ankles are the reason for my shin splints.

Tonight, when I picked up fish takeout from our favorite locavore establishment, the owner called after me as I was walking out with the food: “So how much weight HAVE you lost?” I didn’t tell her I was trying to lose weight, she noticed all on her own. That was a huge boost and it felt great.

Still no new word on grandma, but we are hoping to visit tomorrow.  Thinking also of our family in Arizona.

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