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There’s a lot to blog about.

Firstly, the big window was finally put in on December 15th, when it was 9 degrees f.

Secondly, we are all sick.

And thirdly, the Gordian Shrug pattern has finally been published! Yay!

More soon. I hope.


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“Friend of the Week” at school this week.

K is “friend of the week” at school this week and I had to make a poster for her this weekend. I started at 11:30 last night because, well, that’s how I roll. It kind of sucks and I need to find a way to not procrastinate so much, but I started dinking with it during the day and both kids just jumped on me.

I also need to blog about the Halloween fun we had over the last few days, but we’ll start with our Friend of the Week (it is Pink week, too – so appropriate!):

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Here it is, your moment of funny Zen for today.

While I was sitting in the waiting room today, the OB doc who delivered both of my kids came in. I was frogging the Tubey and getting ready to make the Gordian part for a new sweater. He smiled, and said “What are you working on now?” I pointed at the shrug I was wearing and said “Another one of these.” He grinned, and said, “One of these days, I really need to take up knitting or sewing.” Without missing a beat, or really thinking about it, I said, “But you’re already halfway there! You’re already GREAT at sewing on people, I’m living proof!” “That’s true, you’re right!” he said, and I swear I could hear him laughing down the hall for a good few moments. Along with half the women in the waiting room with me.

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Oh Hai, Happy 12th Anniversary!

Mmmm, Sushi Lunch Date!

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I have been Assimilated.

I finally knit myself a Clapotis. I’ve called this Cthulhapotis: R’yleh Ruana.


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IrisFest 2009!

So the order from Pleasants Valley Iris arrived yesterday. It was a spur of the moment order on June 3, and I knew it wouldn’t ship til the end of July. It was still a scramble to get the area prepped though (the tree project materialized in the middle there).  So now there is a huge iris bed where the lemon lilies were marking time before, and the lemon lilies have moved to the border of the bed. I’ll catalogue the different iris I just planted, so that when they bloom last year, I know what’s what. I made metal nametags for each one but still. Can’t hurt.

Russet Colored Iris:

2 Fort Apache

1 Caliente

1 Cranapple

Copper Colored Iris:

1 Lightning Streak

2 Boss Tweed

1 Charged Up

1 Rustic Cedar

Dual Color Iris:

2 Devil’s Spoon (grape/burgundy)

2 Art Form (lavender/burgundy)

1 Raspberry Fudge (raspberry/burgundy/yellow)

2 Gaelic Joy (raspberry/yellow)

1 Floorshow (yellow/violet edges)

2 Carnival Song (peach top/violet edged falls)

1 Latin Rock (peach/plum)

1 Mariachi Music (peach/burgundy)

Blue Colored Iris:

1 Wintry Sky (blue)

2 Devilish Nature (pale lavender)

3 Codicil (blue)

1 Blue Rhythm (pale lavender)

2 Blue Cheer (deeper lavender)

2 Babbling Brook (light blue)

Yellow Colored Iris:

2 Harvest of Memories (yellow)

1 Country Dancer (peach)

2 Crystal Glitters (white)

And 7 unnamed iris (I ordered 15 unnamed iris and got some named ones, which was a bonus).

How many iris is this in total? 46! How many did I order? 32! I am really impressed with the number of bonus iris and with the fact that many of the 15 “unnamed” iris were actually named. The rhizomes all look vigorous and I am really, really looking forward to seeing the blooms when they appear. I’ve never had blooms appear the first year after a transplant, so I am not deluding myself that they’ll bloom next year. If they do, it will be a pleasant surprise.

I’ll take some pictures when they’ve settled in nicely and I’ve gotten the woodchips down on everything that’s not iris. (Iris do not tolerate mulch – they like dry feet).

Next year: daylilies!

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Now they’re here:

Now they’re gone and replaced with a mound of brush:

Now the brush is gone and replaced with a huge pile of woodchips (woodchips not pictured):

K works hard to move woodchips with her little wheelbarrow:


Now the woodchips are starting to mulch new garden plantings. And the circle of life continues:

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