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There’s a lot to blog about.

Firstly, the big window was finally put in on December 15th, when it was 9 degrees f.

Secondly, we are all sick.

And thirdly, the Gordian Shrug pattern has finally been published! Yay!

More soon. I hope.


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Update on the Window

Our window came in to {whatever pretend name I’m giving the DIY Home Improvement Superstore}. Today. In the middle of a blizzard that dumped 10” of snow on us and closed all the schools, and the UNIVERSITY is closed for only the second time since I’ve been with hubby, which is 16.5 years. So of COURSE the window comes in today. Tomorrow is really cold, friday is really cold but warmer than Thursday. So it’s going in Friday.

Our contractor called to inform me of this. As I am looking out the window at the large quantities of snow. Sheepishly, he said “your window is in today” and I laughed for a good 10-15 seconds, as did he. Of course it is. He said he’d measure the new window to make sure it fits before they start pulling out the old window. Which is good. Somehow, I am a little gun-shy in believing they’ve ordered the right size this time.

So we’ve scheduled for a day where it’s supposed to get UP to 15 degrees F. The day they were going to put in the window three weeks ago? 65 degrees F. Ugh. I have a great case for the heating oil compensation, but no real concrete way of proving how much more we’ve had to spend. And I still don’t know how much we’re paying for the new, re-ordered window. Which is more than a bit disconcerting. I hate not being kept in the loop. I feel disrespected as a customer because of this. I “get” that mistakes happen, that things are not perfect in the real world. But all I really asked for was to be kept in the loop, and the only updates I have gotten have been when I call them myself.

I talked to the installs person at {whatever pretend name I’m giving the DIY Home Improvement Superstore} and was all “my comped trim and the payment for the extra heating oil we’ve used? Hmmm?” and she was all “heating bills for Oct and Nov” and I was all “we have a TANK of heating oil that gets filled EVERY FOUR MONTHS. I haven’t taken pictures of the level.” and she was all “Well I have to talk to a manager” and I was all HEADDESK

I still don’t know how much this new window will be. A part of me (a tiny part, the part that is convinced fairies live in my woods) thinks maybe they’ll comp the entire window. The rest of me knows this ain’t the case. I still don’t know how they could order the damn thing without letting me know how much I’ll be out. So I will (most likely) have to argue for the original 15% discount I got on the windows with a coupon back in early October, as well as SOME sort of compensation for their employee being an idiot and ordering the wrong size window even though the contractor gave the numbers for the RIGHT size.

I feel like I’m having to bend over, because it’s feckin cold and I want an actual window in where there’s plastic up, even the old crappy window was better than this. And we STARTED THE PROCESS IN THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER.

Next year, the remaining 5 windows that need replacing? Ordering them in June.

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Saga of the Windows, part the Second.

Updatey Update:

I called {Home Improvement Supercenter} just now for the third time since the contractor left, first time today. Got the Millwork manager, with whom I spoke the weekend after we ordered the windows (I got home and realized we didn’t have any of the spec sheets, I spent several hours in {Home Improvement Supercenter} that weekend trying to get the specs for the main window, which they were ultimately unable to provide. Oddly enough, if I’d just been given that effin’ spec sheet, I would have compared the dimensions, as I did with the other windows, and gone “Hey, this won’t fit – it’s wrong” and none of this sh1t would have happened). Asked the manager what the status is. He told me they’d gotten the quote and ordered it this morning. I said I had wanted to be called when the quote was in so I could come in during the ordering process and make sure it was right. I had him read the ordered dimensions to me, which were 130.5 and then he said 59″. Later he said 54″, which is what the contractor said. He said they ordered it directly off the contractor’s notes from yesterday. I think he was a little flustered, but I might call later just to make sure it’s 54″. The stain color, style of window, color of shades, color of exterior are correct. I didn’t ask the style of shades, but it seems like they went off the specs for those things on the previous window and those were all correct. Supposedly, we’re looking at two weeks. I am not sure if he means two weeks til it’s finished or two weeks til it’s here and ready for install. I asked to be informed at every step of the process, when the window is finished, etc. Then I told him that since the trim will have been ripped down and tacked up twice by that point, how about providing me with new trim? He said he would have to talk to a manager but he was sure that would be possible. And I also said that since I am stuck with plastic where a window used to be, the furnace is running constantly and the fuel bill will be much higher than usual. And he said that could be taken care of as well. I will let this post help serve as proof for this, or at least an extra shred of proof, that T*** said this could happen.

I asked how it could have happened that the window was ordered wrong, given that the contractor’s measurements were right there in front of the guy that ordered the window. The manager said that the millwork guy (I don’t want to say his name – the guy we worked with through the entire process) just ordered it wrong. He just plain got the numbers wrong. And the manager said it’s all on this guy’s shoulders. I feel a little bad for the guy, but I did ask twice if he could double-check the measurements on the big window since it was a special order and he said he had. Which it is pretty obvious now was not the case. I did everything I possibly could to make sure this would go well, so I have nothing to feel guilty for. And damn, the weather yesterday was PERFECT for putting the window in. PERFECT. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER.


So now I wait. And move the furniture back (I rearranged. Not sure if I like it all that well yet but eh). And get ready for tomorrow’s playdate, and ultimately get ready for Thanksgiving. When we will be hosting my sis and her dude, who have a new construction going on that’s chock full of Pella windows which were not mis-ordered, arrived on time, and look great. A little lemon juice, I guess. So at the earliest, we’re looking at the first week of December. in Wisconsin. To install a 130″ long window. Yeah, *that* will be a warm day. Not to mention arranging babysitting *again* and S taking off work *again*. Not that I am bitter.

Anyway. Updatey update.

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Irritation, thy name is SNOW.

It has been snowing all day here. I didn’t realize it was going to get this heinous this fast and didn’t get the hoses and sprinklers in. I hope they aren’t broken.


Also, K is getting bullied at school and I am really stressed trying to figure out how to deal with it. I don’t want to be the parent who calls the Whaaambulance every time her kid gets shoved, but on the other hand, I don’t want my kid to be bullied the way I was all through school.

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600 Points of Light

Our big massive fantabulous outdoor Xmas light display this year consists of two whole strands of 300 lights each. One on the arbor, one strung up the trunks of two white pines. Simple yet pretty, and makes the kids coo. I hope to get a wreath up on the garage again, but the one we had last year was used as a purple finch nursery all summer and the lights won’t light.

I need to get the yarn for my yarn swaps out, the postcards for my postcard swaps out, the shrug pattern finished and up on Ravelry, and a few things knitted for the holiday giving season. Plus putting a twin bed in K’s room and giving the full bed in there back to my mom, putting the huge ex-university chalkboard (from the surplus sale, we didn’t pinch it) up in the living room safely so that it doesn’t come crashing down on the kids, and winterizing the windows.


And your mom.

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Our first and last trip to Casey’s Orchard… (of the year)

Who knew they’d run out of apples so early in the season?! Rough year for apple growers.

Also, I feel I should point out that E is wearing a sweater knit by her Grandma K when grandma was still in high school and had no way of knowing she would have two girls and that one of the girls would then have two girls of her own. Pretty cool, eh? And I have the pattern to hand down to *my* girls.

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Mama said there’d be days like these.

K has had three time-outs today because she keeps bolting for the hills now that she can unlock and open the patio door by herself. On the last timeout, she whipped off her diaper and “scrubbed” the wood floor in her room with it. She also ripped the foam bumpers off the futon, and threw her books in the air like she just didn’t care. I was so mad, I couldn’t speak. I put her in the kitchen, sans diaper, while I cleaned up her room. She piddled on the linoleum. Yesterday, she dumped a box of crackers on the living room carpet and ground them in.

Tonight, when S gets home, I am pouring me a pint glass of white zin and affixing my butt to the glider swing on the deck while he wrangles kids herds cats inside.

On top of today, we’re also getting the Crud S has had for two weeks. Fun fun fun!

Is it too early for the Zin now?


We went shopping at Menards (home improvement center) last night to get another foam bumper for K’s bed. While there, I discovered that the locksets I replaced two of our exterior doors’ old sets with were all on clearance, since they would not be carried any longer. I picked out two and had them re-keyed to our key. At this point, K threw up. All over herself, all over the cart, all over the floor. First time she has ever thrown up in public. I felt so bad for her. I cleaned it up with their towels and windex (hello, could you maybe spring for some disinfectant, for cri-yi?) and we still had to wait for the locks to be re-keyed. I offered to take S and the Squids home during the re-key but it would have been close to a 20 mile round-trip, so we waited. I bought a bottle of water for K. She seemed so small and miserable and kept whimpering “I want to go home”. Finally we were done. I got everything out to the car after I checked out and discovered that one of the 4 pieces of pipe insulation was missing from the package I bought, but it was the only one they had in that size, my kid was miserable, it was raining, and I just couldn’t bring myself to drag it in there and start that whole hullabaloo. So we ate a dollar on the insulation. K threw up in the car on the way home, and twice in the house. I went out grocery shopping to get bland foods for her. She threw up several times after I got home, I felt so powerless to help. And so guilty for having given her the timeouts. But we need consistency, or else she’ll run out in the street willy-nilly.

She is better this morning, but there’s nothing that tears at your heart more than seeing your kid lying listless and weak, frightened of what is happening to her beyond her (and your) control.

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